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About Kim Ruch-Alegant

I was moderately successful in life. I graduated from college, got a job, got married, went to law school, had a kid, got a job. I got mediocre grades, mediocre jobs. I was outwardly successful, inwardly not happy. I went to work, did my job, kept the stiff upper lip. Iíd come home and take my anger out on my family. At home, I could safely get mad, and I did. Iíd get mad and stay mad. Luckily I married a wonderful man who could see the goodness inside.

Eventually I discovered EFT and other healing modalities like intuitive energy work. I realized that my anger stemmed from feeling unworthy, not loved, not wanted, out of control. I was slightly afraid to fly, which I realized was related to my control issues. I started to exercise again, and then found yoga, which has also helped transform my life.

Now, after much releasing and growth, my life is turning around. I actually feel happy sometimes. I never felt happy before. Iíve learned that Iím in control of my life, and I get to choose what I do and how I feel. I get to choose who I interact with, what I watch on tv or not, what I read on the internet, or not. My thoughts are my own, to hold onto with a vice-like grip, or to decide that a certain thought is not serving me, and I can let it go.

Now I think that being successful in life is all about finding your happiness. Yeah, the material items are nice to have, and we all need a certain amount of food, shelter, clothing etc to be comfortable. Some need lots more than others! And thereís nothing wrong with material success. But material success without inner happiness is empty. It doesnít satisfy the inner yearning to feel good.

Iíd love to hear your healing journey. Will you share it with me? If you havenít begun your journey yet, or you need help along the way, I can help you to release those inner thoughts and beliefs that are making your life hard. Life doesnít need to be hard. We make it that way ourselves. Let me show you the way.

Now you know my recent past. If you still want to read more about me, continue reading to learn more of my history.

I grew up fascinated by science and chemistry and the power of technology. As a girl, I dreamed of discovering the cure for cancer.

My dad went New Age, and talked to me about meditation, crystals and energy, but I couldn't feel the energy in the rocks and I couldn't meditate, so that didn't call to me. I took college prep in high school, taking as many science courses as I could.

I went on to be a biology major at Drexel University. There I discovered that I wasn't going to be curing cancer, or working in a lab for too long, for that matter! I did not want to get an M.D. or a Ph.D and I didn't want to be working in a lab for the rest of my life. So, I decided to go to Law School, naturally! Really, I thought I'd work in a lab for a few years to earn some money, then become a patent attorney. You need a science background for that! Long story short, I decided that patent work was not for me and ended up using my biology background to help me understand the injuries in my current Personal Injury practice.

To backtrack some, in college I became concerned about our environment and became a tree hugger (aka avid environmentalist). This lead to learning about toxins (which I now believe are a large contributor to cancer in our society, along with blocked energy flow) and a journey towards going all natural, organic, and interested in alternative remedies like homeopathy, EFT, energy healing, and healing gemstones.

I became especially natural minded when I had children. By the time they were on solid food, I was moving towards an all natural, organic diet.

I don't remember when, but at some point one of my natural or alternative remedy emails had information on EFT. Soon I was hooked, and spent time tapping between trying cases. Finally I took the plunge and bought Gary Craig's DVDs, read the newsletter, and attended two EFT retreats/seminars within three months of each other, one lead by Carol Look and the other by Steve Wells and David Lake. Later I attended the Turning Passion Into Profits seminar organized by Carol Look, where I met Bob Doyle. Hence began an intense interest in studying the Law of Attraction.

I experienced such powerful emotional shifts from tapping with the groups and with skilled practitioners that there was no going back. While continuing to work as an attorney and eWomen Network managing director, Freedom Healing and Wellness was born. I am now a Certified Energy Coach, with a coaching practice. I also completed the Enwaken coaching program, learning how to do intuitive energy readings, removing blocks using various energy tools, energy healing, and helping people to find their compelling vision and take the action steps needed to make it come true.

Most recently, I have become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, and completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training. Yoga is a regular part of my life.