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The following are links to websites that we recommend, based on personal knowledge or use:

Networking with Women
eWomenNetwork www.eWomenNetwork.com/chapter/PhiladelphiaSuburban
Professional Women's Business Network www.pwbn.org

Click here to read the August 14th, 2009 blog entry from Maureen Keyte of Child Home & Community, 2009 Buxmont Chapter grant recipient, about her experience at the eWomenNetwork international conference.

Trying to Lose Weight?
Healthy Weight Loss

Free Tapping Classes, a Once a Year Event
2012 Tapping World Summit

Tapping with Children using Tappy Bear

For Interviews and much more from the inventor of Tappy Bear join TheGuiltyMom.com

To find other Energy Practitioners in the Philadelphia area click here:
http://www.naturallifestyle.net or here http://www.phillywellnessguide.com

To Use EFT for Pain Relief click here

Ongoing Group Coaching Using EFT, specializing in childhood trauma.

EFT and Mesothelioma
Many cancer patients, including those with pleural mesothelioma, utilize emotional freedom technique (EFT) for pain relief from traditional cancer treatments. While EFT is in no way a mesothelioma cure, it can also be beneficial in coping with the emotional stress and fear associated with this diagnosis. Click here to learn more about mesothelioma, and how EFT can be used in comprehensive treatment.

Training on the Law of Attraction with Bob Doyle from The Secret. I highly recommend this! (and I interviewed Bob regarding the law of attraction and guilt, which is on TheGuiltyMom.com)