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Clearing Blockages to Success

Download and print a PDF of the exercise below.

Everyone talks about setting goals. Anyone who is serious about accomplishing something DOES write down goals. But have you set goals, taken steps to achieve those goals, but you still feel stuck? Are you doing everything "right" to achieve your goal, but it remains out of reach? If that's the case, here are some things you can do to get unstuck.

Think about:
1. WHAT you want
2. WHY you want it
3. WHEN you want it (but the answer to this one is that you must act/feel as if it has already happened!)

Write down: I want______________________

Then write down: I want it because ______________________________ and list ALL the reasons you want it (the good, the bad and the ugly). When you finish sthe analysis, you must use EFT on these, especially any ugly ones!

I want it (when) ______________________ .

Analyze Your Expectations

Say out loud: I expect to attract/have/build/do ________________________ (what you wrote down that you wanted)

Now, rank from 0 to 10, how true does that statement feel? (zero is not at all, 10 is yes, definitely) Use your body's knowledge, not what you think in your head.

Write down the date today _______________
and the number you came up with _________

You need to keep track of these numbers, so you can check your progress.

If your number was anything less than a 10, you have work to do! When you finish the analysis, you must use EFT on why you don’t expect to get what you want.

Analyze Your Hopes
Say out loud: I'm afraid to get my hopes up about (what you want) _________________.

Now, rank from 0 to 10, how true does that statement feel? (zero is not at all, 10 is yes, definitely) Use your body's knowledge, not what you think in your head.

Write down the date today _______________ and the number you came up with _________

If your number is above a "1", you have tapping to do on issues related to this as well.

Analyze What You Will Have to Give Up If You Succeed

Ask yourself: What is the downside of succeeding at (what you want)? _____________ and list ALL the things you can think of.

Now, go back and look at everything you have written down. Decide which one seems to be your BIGGEST blockage to succeeding.

On a scale of 0 to 10, what is the intensity of your feelings around this worst blockage? _________

Now we want to use EFT to start chopping down these blocks, and clear your way to success!

Start tapping on your karate chop point, and say OUT LOUD "Even though I feel/think/believe (your biggest blockage to your success), I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway." Do this three times.

Continue tapping on the points, either repeating the biggest blockage, or telling the story about why this block keeps you from succeeding. Keep go through the points once or twice, then stop and take a deep breath. Be sure to be aware of any new thoughts or feelings that arise as you are tapping. Write down any that are "biggies"

Now, go back and evaluate the issue you first started tapping on. Is the number lower now? If your intensity on the issue you initially tapped on has decreased, but is not gone, tap through the sequence on it again, using the phrase "remaining ___________".
Take a deep breath, and check your progress.

If the intensity has not decreased at all, you are not tapping on the correct "aspect" of the problem. Quickly think of a specific event that made you feel this way (or that your suspect made you feel this way), and do the tapping again while talking out loud about this event in detail. Keep tapping on that event until your feelings towards it are completely neutral. You may need to talk about how it felt, what it sounded like, smelled like, looked like. Note: proceed with caution! You may be tapping into some pretty traumatic stuff. Allow yourself to step back if you need to, or seek assistance from me or any other qualified EFT practitioner to help you handle to feelings that are coming up. But keep tapping and the feelings should calm down.

After you have neutralized the biggest blockage, go back and look at the things that came up while you were tapping on this blockage. Did something major come up? Tap on that issue, and keep repeating the process until you are ready to jump out into the world!

Other Ways to Tap

A good technique for making breakthroughs while tapping by yourself is to tap while talking out loud about your issue and looking yourself in the eye in a mirror. You might uncover things that you didn't even realize were there.

I found another interesting method of making breakthroughs without specifically thinking about things that bother you--by tapping while singing along with the song on the radio! (or a favorite hymn, show tune, whatever) Would you believe that tapping while singing along with "Sweet Child of Mine" by Guns 'N Roses brought me to tears? I never thought Guns 'N Roses would make me cry! Try tapping while singing along with a song you really like, and see if you have any releases! There is a song that we sing at my Unitarian Universalist Fellowship called "How Could Anyone Ever Tell You?". This song made me cry every time we sang it. Finally I spent some time singing the song with tapping on myself, and now I can sing the song without breaking down. I have cleared whatever the heavy emotional attachment was that I had to the words of that song.

PET (Provocative Energy Therapy) is another tapping technique, also developed by our Aussie friends, Steve Wells and David Lake. PET requires two people because one person is "provoking" the other (although I must say that I have attempted to provoke myself sometimes, by agreeing with my own negative self talk while tapping!), using provocative techniques developed by Robert Farley. Provocative therapy works by acknowledging the "dark side" that most of us try to bury, to our detriment. Jung said "One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."

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